Love embraces and unifies all

What is the Foundation Of Love? "Love Energy!"
Divine Womanhood is the entry to the next level of human enhancement.
Love cannot be found, only realised.
Strangers are friends we are yet to meet.

Welcome to Divine Womanhood

Women are on the March….

We are involved in claiming the future for Womanhood. Wisdom, Beauty, Style, and Grace is the theme. Love Energy and Intelligence is the foundation.

Women who are ready to step up and answer the call are pioneers or forerunners in a developing spirit of advanced understanding. They carry gifts from a greater intelligence for human benefit within their formwork.

Dedication to Women’s Day International 

Common Place Song for Womanhood

Noblest worth works ever humbly,
Oft set as unseen
Half the world is toiling dumbly
In the grey routine
Sing, O Poet of the Morrow!
Cheer the weary face
Where brave women moil and sorrow
In the commonplace!

Unknown Author

Some say women have come a long way in the past hundred years of social growth. In the words of those who know the past and can see the future the role of Divine Womanhood is set to break apart the deadlocks of male superiority.

Female energy will of its own volition be destined to overtake and surpass male obstinacy with its cloying patterns of ignorance and arrogance that presently stalemate human progress. Wisdom, beauty, style and grace as the symbolic daughters of the Divine Mother are to take people on the planet into the next stage of human development.

The Divine Womanhood Movement…

Reclaim Lost Ground Divine Womanhood is specifically designed to introduce to the quality measures of Wisdom, Beauty, Style and Grace that in female expression endorses Love energy. People have been misled by ideas that promote love

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The New Female…

The New Day of Female Energy Love will have its recognition through advancing further understanding of female energy.  It will have its say through instigating female themes into embroidered skeins of greater intelligence. What is required

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The ‘4’ Faces of Womanhood

Beauty, wisdom, style and grace are obtainable. These four aspects are planetary elements of divine womanhood still waiting to be addressed.  On the deeper levels they offer working skills that can rearrange the viscous patterns so

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The ‘4’ Aspects of Womanhood

Down through the ages of male domination the aspects of female involvement could be demonstrated in four faces.  The appropriateness of their positions in male hegemony assigns the Princess to the lounge room, the Nun

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Beauty of Womanhood

What is the light of the New DayIt is the remembrance of beautyFlooding females with currents of energyGrace is the dew of warm oblivionShattering and scattering the myths of ego Beauty is seen through the

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Story – The Ugly Duckling

The Metamorphosis  Once there was a waterbird that grew up amongst ducks.  Because it could not remember any other life separate from duckdom it considered itself to be a duck.  The other ducks knew it was

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