Love embraces and unifies all

What is the Foundation Of Love? "Love Energy!"
Divine Womanhood is the entry to the next level of human enhancement.
Love cannot be found, only realised.
Strangers are friends we are yet to meet.

Welcome to Divine Womanhood

Women are on the March….

We are involved in claiming the future for Womanhood. Wisdom, Beauty, Style, and Grace is the theme. Love Energy and Intelligence is the foundation.

Women who are ready to step up and answer the call are pioneers or forerunners in a developing spirit of advanced understanding. They carry gifts from a greater intelligence for human benefit within their formwork.


Ownership & Attachment (Part 1)

On Ownership and Attachment…. The moment your thoughts go into claiming ownership you have created an enemy of distortion within the mind. Planetary urges promote the desire for ownership. The desire to perform creditably, so

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The Gift

Everyone carries within an undisclosed gift that when located is to be used firstly for personal benefit.  Most people, being in ignorance of what is their present, never get to unfold the wrapping paper so

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The New Day of Female Energy is here!

The New Day Embrace the female in sisterhood.  Societal structuring for far too long has been distorted, misshapen by an overload of male conditioning, which in present times is rapidly weakening both male and female energy. 

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The Offer – What is Divine Womanhood (D.W)?

Communal Purpose The wording of Divine Womanhood is set up to promote the full qualities of Womanhood. Divine Womanhood offers the opportunity to have a greater understanding of the energy that represents Life.  We call the energy,

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