Love embraces and unifies all

What is the Foundation Of Love? "Love Energy!"
Divine Womanhood is the entry to the next level of human enhancement.
Love cannot be found, only realised.
Strangers are friends we are yet to meet.

Welcome to Divine Womanhood

Women are on the March….

We are involved in claiming the future for Womanhood. Wisdom, Beauty, Style, and Grace is the theme. Love Energy and Intelligence is the foundation.

Women who are ready to step up and answer the call are pioneers or forerunners in a developing spirit of advanced understanding. They carry gifts from a greater intelligence for human benefit within their formwork.


Enduring Relationships (Part 2)

We nominate them as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Relationship is a series of interactions and exchanges through life that can be experienced on different levels of consciousness. For the purpose of discussion we nominate them

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Enduring Relationships (Part 1)

Enjoy the discussion on Enduring Relationships What does it mean to be in an enriching relationship?…  Balance, stability, passion, joie de vivre! The realization that the foundation of all life is LOVE will become established as

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The 4 S’s (Part 3)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality When we talk about the sensual level we are not talking necessarily as it being kinaesthetic.  Although kinaesthetic is a secondary level with it, so it will work. The sensuality is

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The 4 S’s (Part 2)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Now if you are prepared to begin in the beginning, as the song says, it is a very good place to start with remembering sensibility, and when you are prepared to

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The 4 S’s (Part 1)

Sensibility, Sensitivity, Sensuality & Sexuality Introducing the four S’s, namely, sensibility, sensitivity, sensuality, and sexuality. What does sensibility mean? Sensibility is the five practical senses interacting with the physical brain, allowing sensory systems to play an integral part

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Ownership & Attachment (Part 2)

On Ownership and Attachment…. The ego is an overlay on the persona for the purpose of maintaining security. The expression of ‘I am’ reinforces the ego levels. We are not our egos though it carries

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