Category: Wisdom, Beauty, Style and Grace

The Gift

Everyone carries within an undisclosed gift that when located is to be used firstly for personal benefit.  Most people, being in ignorance of what is their present, never get to unfold the wrapping paper so how would they come to realize their gift? Inside the wrapping is a beautiful story of heritage for the sleeping […]

What is Wisdom?

Where does wisdom derive? Wisdom comes as dewdrops to those who wait with an empty cup. Wisdom: The ability to accept whatever is required to assess and demonstrates truth. Wisdom: Being able to understand a situation and deliver the appropriate consideration without having to rely on trained knowledge. Wisdom: is demonstrated from Knowing, not knowledge. […]

Beauty is not Skin Deep

Beauty & Truth Dance… Beauty and Truth dance in harmony. Wherever Beauty touches base, as in the heart, Truth establishes a benchmark, useful for determining future growth in greater understanding. Beauty is seen through the reflective mirror of an appreciative mind. Such is BeautyA chandelier aligned with truthAs strength aligns with unityAs wisdom aligns with […]

Style & Grace

Style & Grace is well beyond your face…. Style is about character, carriage, class, charisma that only arrives with denouement. Grace is the revealing of a gift.  Grace cannot be measured though it can be gauged through colour and vibration. To give over to your inner self without fear or favour renders you harmless beyond the human dilemma. […]